Cookies, etc

Classic Drop Style - $2.00/ea

*In-Store seasonal pre-made - $3.25/ea

As of March 1st, 2024 - We no longer offer custom decorated sugar cookies. Due to the immense time that is required of these delicacies, we are reserving our right of saying we no longer will be offering these. We will be offering seasonal creations that rotate in and out at different times of the year available to pre-order online or pickup first-come first-serve in-store.

Gluten Free Drop Style - $3.00/ea

Edible Image Cookies / 6 count - 1 image max / $39
Edible Image Cupcakes / 12 count - 2 image max / $75

Cookies By The Dozen - $20
Gluten Free Cupcakes By The Dozen - $30

Individually wrapped drop style cookies - $9.00/dz

Cookies can be individually wrapped for additional $9 per dozen.

To place an advance order of classic style cookies, such as chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, white chocolate raspberry, etc. Please click here

Previous cookies we've made are shown below!

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